Spaghetti & Fettucine

Giovanni Cucullo

Tomatoes, Mascarpone, Butter & Thyme


After making my fresh pasta, I break out my Kitchen Aid which has a very handy pasta attachment. I cut my pasta dough into 3 equal pieces and press them out to 1/4 thick rectangles. I run them through the kitchen aid rollers, adjusting to a thinner setting a bit at a time until i have 3 long sheets of pasta, being careful to keep the pasta well-floured. I replace the rollers with the spaghetti cutter attachment and run the pasta sheets through the cutter and voilà!…spaghetti.

I follow the same procedure when I make fettucine, using the fettucine attachment, of course:

I like to dry some of the fettucine for later use.
Fresh pasta should be refrigerated and used within 3 days, but you can dry the pasta and store it in sealed containers to keep for months.

There is nothing like Freshly Made Pasta. I often enjoy it in its simplest form with fresh tomatoes and basil with a touch of butter.

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