Giovanni Cucullo has Dinner with the Murphy’s

When we pulled onto the long driveway I could see them on the grand front porch awaiting our arrival. The lady of the house was gently rocking in a chair sipping pomegranate iced tea and catching up on some reading, while the man of the house selected his best vinyl to set down on his 40-year-old phonograph. I knew this would be a special day.
We shared greetings and embraces and started off our day with some fine English ale and catch up chatter.

I always look forward to a dinner at the Murphy residence.
They are both wonderful conversationalists, consummate hosts, great cooks,  and all-around lovers of life.

We headed to the back patio where the table was elegantly set. The women lingered and chatted in the sun while the men tended to the kitchen to discuss food and all things manly.

The Menu

Quick Roasted Shrimp, Garden Greens, Tarragon & Beurre Blanc
Filet of Beef au Poivre, Smashed Potatoes & Just Picked Chives
Pot de Creme au Chocolate
Irish Cheese Selection

Wine is always part of any proper dinner party.


I did not take many pictures on this day because I was often in the moment. Sometimes we bloggers get so caught up trying to capture an event or afternoon through photos and notes, that we lose track of the reason we are there in the first place.

Dinner with the Murphy’s is truly a shared experience !


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