Cheese Plate with Fresh Fig Jam

Umbriaco, Sardinian Pepper, Devonshire, English Porter, Sopressata


My Fresh Fig Jam can be used in many ways. 
The jam is not too sweet and has a slight hint of bitter-orange which makes it the perfect accompaniment with a plate of artisanal cheese.


© Giovanni Cucullo 2010


5 thoughts on “Cheese Plate with Fresh Fig Jam

  1. Figs and cheese are a marriage made in heaven! Have you tried it with a Blue or Black Castello? If you haven’t heard of it, Castello is a super creamy blue cheese. Let it get to room temperture and have it with the jam on crostini and wash it down with your wine/beer/cocktail of choice. FANTASTIC!


    • G-LO…I agree with you. Castello is sooo good…creamy, rich and tangy. The last time I used some Castello, I stuffed it into dates, wrapped the dates in bacon and baked them, then served them with a port wine reduction. A great snack!
      Thanks for stopping by.

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