Stuffed Tasmanian Bean

You: What is a Tasmanian Bean?
Me: It’s just another name for Goo-Goots.
You: What the hell is Goo-Goots??
(hee-hee) Goo-goots or ku-Koo-za is the Italian pronunciation of Cucuzza, the much-loved Italian squash appearing at the end of summer.

This squash is also known as: bottle gourd, calabash, suzza melon, zucca, Tasmania bean and New Guinea bean.

A few blog entries ago I used cucuzza to make Crispy Squash Fries as well as incorporating some in my Vegetable Risotto. Today I decided to stuff them as I do my Stuffed Eggplant.


After baking the squash, I put all the roasted tomatoes in a food processor along with all the pan juices to make the perfect sauce.


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