Herb-Roasted Drumsticks

Talk about a Budget Meal; I bought a package of 15 drumsticks for $4.10!

3 large potatoes
1 bunch of leeks
2 large carrots
1 large red onion
Fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme and sage)

Generously season the chicken. I used salt, pepper, paprika, cardamom, oregano, and the fresh herbs.

Add plenty of extra-virgin olive oil and toss together with the potatoes, carrots, leeks and onions.

Place everything on a baking sheet & roast for one hour at 400 degrees, basting the chicken & turning vegetables two or three times. Loosely cover the chicken with aluminum foil for the last 15 minutes of cooking.

And you can feed 4 to 6 people for under $10.

One thought on “Herb-Roasted Drumsticks

  1. It’s just after 9am on a Saturday morning, I am HUNGRY!!! Can’t help to salivate when I come here. I am going to introduce you to my girlfriend in South Africa that is part of this community as well, also an outstanding cook and I know she will love visiting here as well…you can find her here…
    Will go and do the same on her page and post your link there. You Rock my friend…a wonderful recipe in my book!! Have a great weekend, I know I will, been such a busy week and time to catch up, then relax!! Hugs my friend xx

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