Setting Up a Basic Home Bar


Setting up a home bar requires an initial investment in the proper home bar supplies. This includes bar tools, glasses, liquor, wine and the proper drink mix guide. Once you’re set up, you will reap the rewards for years to come.           





Bar Spoon
Doubles as a measuring spoon and a stir stick.   

Bartender’s Handbook
A handy reference of cocktail recipes.   

Bar Towels
Maintain a clean work area.   

Bottle Pourers
This is a must for mixing spirits.   

Bottle Stoppers
For when screw-top bottles annoy you.   

Cocktail Picks   

Cocktail Shakers & Strainers   

Corkscrew/Wine Opener
You don’t need a fancy one.   

Cutting Board
Large enough to be useful but small enough to store easily.   

Electric Blender
Handy for many cocktail recipes.   

Fresh Fruit
Always use fresh fruit.   

Be sure to have a good assortment.   

To grate spices like nutmeg and ginger.   

Ice Bucket, Ice, Tongs and Scoop    

    This is a must if you can’t measure accurately.   

Look for one that is easy to use.   

Margarita Rimmer   

Martini Pitcher
For the stirred-and-not-shaken drinks.   

Mixing Glasses
For building your drinks.   

Make sure it’s long enough.   

Napkins and Coasters   

Paring Knife
For cutting fruit garnishes.   

Rubber Spill Mat
Makes cleaning up a bit easier.   

Swizzle Sticks
Go for a variety (in size, color and shape).   

Sword Picks
For garnishes.   






Martini glasses     

Highball glasses       

Old-Fashioned glasses     


Margarita glasses     

Heavy-based Collins glasses     

Heavy-based rocks glasses      

Hurricane glasses     

Tulip-shaped champagne flutes      

Shot glasses     

Brandy/cognac glasses     

Beer mugs