Sherry Braised Lamb Shoulder

Warm up to these hearty Braised Lamb Shoulder Steaks. A one-pot meal  that is no fuss and under $10; just let time work its magic.

I start by browning the lamb in olive oil, then add chunky pieces of carrots, onions, tomatoes, leeks and whatever fresh herbs I have on hand.

Season everything liberally with freshly ground pepper and then cover all of this with some home-made chicken stock and sherry. I’m cautious with salt because my stock is already salted. I can add more later.

Simmer for about 45 minutes and then taste, adjust seasoning and cook a bit more, or until the sauce thickens. Keep tasting, you’ll know when it’s ready.

Gorgeous swiss chard was dancing in the aisles at the supermarket so I could not resist. Steam-sauteed with whole garlic cloves and virgin oil delivered a sweet and delicious accompaniment.

I thinly sliced all the extra leeks and quickly fried them into frizzled leeks.

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