Stuffed Tasmanian Bean

You: What is a Tasmanian Bean?
Me: It’s just another name for Goo-Goots.
You: What the hell is Goo-Goots??
(hee-hee) Goo-goots or ku-Koo-za is the Italian pronunciation of Cucuzza, the much-loved Italian squash appearing at the end of summer.

This squash is also known as: bottle gourd, calabash, suzza melon, zucca, Tasmania bean and New Guinea bean.

A few blog entries ago I used cucuzza to make Crispy Squash Fries as well as incorporating some in my Vegetable Risotto. Today I decided to stuff them as I do my Stuffed Eggplant.


After baking the squash, I put all the roasted tomatoes in a food processor along with all the pan juices to make the perfect sauce.


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La Cucuzza!

Cucuzza is a type of squash and is pronounced ku-koo-za or goo-gootz.

Usually pale green in color with a thick shiny skin, this cucumber-like vegetable can grow more than 3 feet long. 

An Italian favorite and especially enjoyed late summer and early fall when cucuzza are in season; cucuzza can be cooked like regular squash and are especially delicious in stews, omelets and stuffing.




Nutrition Information

Fat, sodium and cholesterol free
Low in calories
High in vitamin C


Today, I fried some in a very light batter.


  1. Peel the squash and cut into thin french fry shapes.
  2. Season some flour with salt, pepper and whatever other seasonings you most enjoy.
  3. Add water to the flour, mixing, until you have the consistency of yogurt.
  4. Beat one egg white to stiff peaks and fold into batter.
  5. Dip the squash strips into the batter and fry several at a time.