Bruschetta & Crostino

       defines Crostino as:

  1. A piece of thin crisp toast.
  2. An hors d’oeuvre made with a crostino and any of various toppings.

Yes, that’s right, and the word Crostino comes from the Italian crosta meaning crust, referring to the bread it is made from.

Isn’t that called a Brooshetta?

Bruschetta comes from the Italian word bruscare, which means to burn, or roast over coals, referring to the way the bread is toasted. The correct pronunciation of this word is BRU-SKETTA, and yes, it is very much like a crostino, though bruschetta toasts are always rubbed with a clove of garlic while still warm, and usually topped with the classic fresh tomato, basil and olive oil mixture.

Today, crostino and bruschetta are almost interchangeable; the shape or size of the crust and the endless choice of toppings is really up to you. If you really insist on giving them a name…just call them delicious!