A Tavola

Hello! My name is Giovanni Cucullo and I am the chef and creator of The Golden Table. Thanks for visiting my site.

This is me, an easy-going, food loving, restaurant chasing, music craving New Yorker, who enjoys spending time at the table with friends and family.

Growing up Italian in NY, I’ve learned that there is one thing in life that is certain; everything begins and ends at the table.

Just about every childhood memory involves sharing a meal with my family. I can still picture my mother in the kitchen, spending endless hours over the stove, tasting, seasoning and nurturing all the delicious food she was so proud to serve. I can still see and feel the arrival of energetic friends and family, arms filled with gifts and treats and all of them donning their most beautiful Sunday clothes.

Yes, there were afternoons filled with feisty differences of opinion, but they were always followed by family bonding and a celebration that was guaranteed to lift our spirits.

The aromas of my mother’s cooking are forever lodged in my heart, as is the tobacco scent of chain-smoking Italian men playing cards and sipping espresso into the wee hours of the morning.

Those days are very personal for me and synonymous with Italian living; a tradition and way of life I am proud to honor and live by; a life made pleasurable through food and wine, conversation and laughter.

It’s that beautiful ghostly echo of jokes and stories and the family clamor of children and chatter and my mothers’ voice soaring through the house… Tutto a tavola, e pronto! Everyone to the table, it’s ready!

My ego would love to hear all of your wonderful comments and praise so feel free to post your remarks on the site or contact me directly with any other questions or comments.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you and I hope this site inspires you to spend some time in the kitchen and at the table with people you love!

Thanks for stopping by and…

Happy eating!



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