How to Open a Bottle of Champagne


1. Hold the bottle upright, and handle it gently when carrying it to the table.

2. After removing the foil and loosening the wire cage enclosing the mouth of the bottle, grasp the neck and cork firmly in one hand, keeping your thumb on top of the cork in case it should start to fly off before you’re ready. Always point the bottle away from friends and guests.

3. Holding the bottle at an angle with your other hand, slowly and carefully turn the bottle, not the cork, in a clockwise direction until the cork starts to loosen.

4.Gently work the cork from the mouth of the bottle until it comes out with a soft hiss, not a “pop”.

5. Keep the cork close to the mouth of the bottle, and hold the bottle at an angle for at least five seconds before you serve the wine. This should allow the pressure inside the bottle to equalize, releasing the gas without sending the champagne spilling.

6. Pour and enjoy. Cheers!