Maiale Umido – Stewed Pork

I love a good snow stormand a delicious stew! I don’t think I’ve ever made two stews exactly the same (sort of like snowflakes), but the tasty and comforting results have always been consistent.

This Pork Stew requires minimal effort and is uniquely flavored with paprika, caraway seeds and marjoram.


Take some pork butt and cut it into large stew pieces. Alternately, you could buy the pre-cut pork stew meat. Season and brown the pork meat in a large hot pan coated with olive oil.

Finely chop some celery, carrots and onions and add it to the pork. Cook until the vegetables begin to soften. Season with paprika and caraway seeds.

Add tomato paste or some crushed tomatoes. Add whole sprigs of fresh marjoram and rosemary and cover everything with fresh meat stock and a bottle of red wine. Cover and simmer for almost 2 hours.
Taste, season and serve!



  • This stew works well with homemade potato gnocchi. The lighter Ricotta Gnocchi are too delicate for this rich sauce.
  • If serving over pasta, you can remove the pork pieces, purée the sauce and then return the pork to the sauce.
  • You can make this stew even heartier by adding whole baby potatoes or by cutting your vegetables into larger chunks.